COVID-19 – How To Stay Indoors & Remain Engaged?

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Hello everyone,

How are you coping with the 21-day lock-down? well everyone is getting frustrated now a days because you cannot meet up with your friends. But, we have all accepted that it is the only way so that we can fight against COVID-19. That is why we are staying home to avoid any exposure to this corona virus.

Difficulties we are facing due to lockdown!

All of us will face some if not all of these challenges.

  1.   We are not able to get much exercise. Our movement is limited to the span of our homes.
  2.   We are anxious about the health of our loved ones who are not living with us.
  3.   We feel bored. How much Netflix and prime can one watch?Even Netflix said create your own series and watch it.
  4. Due to corona there is so much of stress regarding health of our beloved.

Let’s face it, staying at home can make us lazy and affect our health! So adopt a few healthy activities so that we can move out from the COVID-19 lock down stronger & better than before!

Activities that keeps you healthy!

these are some suggestions yo you:-

1.Make time for yoga & meditation

It is quite natural that you to feel worried and anxious about corona.You dont know how much time it will to settled down.But do you know what happened when you cannot control your anxiety? It gives you high blood pressure, insomnia and aggravates existing health disorders. 

Minneapolis police looking for notorious yoga studio bandit | City ...

so need to be calm these days. Meditation and yoga will help you to stay calm and happy from inside.

2.Dance like no one’s watching

For people who exercise outdoors, working out in open space or gym spaces can be a burden. But that doesn’t mean you cant do exercise! What you can do is dancing? There are multiple cardio-based dance that you can find online. Learn the steps and practice them. It is fun, extremely good for your body.Dancing is a therapy which gives you joy.

3.Stay connected on social media

If you are living alone in another city for work, and you stuck there due to lockdown can trigger depression in you. But to prevent that you can do Whats App video calling and Skype. Talk to your loved ones multiple times a day and spend time together virtually.

4.Doing creative work connected

If you are getting bored by using phones and social media then start doing creative things .If you good at writing start writing your own content,or else you can start painting,sketching whatever you like.

5.Eat Healthy

This is very important to eat a healthy and hygienic diet. Move to the kitchen and prepare simple and yet healthy meals with simple ingredients such as vegetables, rice, wheat and herbs and spices. Stick to the basics like dal-chawal-sabzi and roti-sabzi. If this gets boring then add some good old pickle in your meal.

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